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Hi, I'm Angie!  The husband is Nate.  The toddler is Levi. 
And we're the folks behind the 1500 Tree Project!
We live in the South, in a land of sunshine, cheesy grits, fried okra....and tractors. 
In addition enjoying life as a full time mama and wife, I also work as a graduate student and teacher of undergraduates for a local university.  I've got a heart for Jesus and a passion for orphan care.

Nate and I met in high school.  That's right, we're high school sweethearts (aww) who began dating the summer before our senior year.  Separate colleges couldn't keep us apart, so once we had our degrees in hand, we celebrated the end of a long distance relationship with an "I do" in 2009.  He's hunky.  I mean, he plays in a bluegrass band, grows delicious vegetables, and plans the best hikes. 
After enjoying the newlywed lifestyle for a couple years, we began an adoption journey which led us to...Levi!

Born in Taiwan, he is our joy and love.  I blogged through his adoption journey over at Expecting a Blessing.  Our sweet baby is now a noisy, happy, toddling child! And now, he is going to be a little brother!

+ About this Blog

This blog shares the story of our second adoption journey and serves as the home of our new store, the 1500 Tree Project!  You can learn all about this project under the About our Adoption page, but the short story?  1500 trees sold = 1 fully funded adoption.  Welcome! 

Questions?  Ideas?  Donations?  E-mail me at: expectingablessing@gmail.com

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  1. i just recently learned about this project. it is amazing! i am thrilled to be participating in the giveaway with suzzie vehrs right now. hopefully our posts will bring more attention to your project.