About the Trees

We are selling 1500 Trees.

Join the journey.

What will your number be?

Each tree in The 1500 Tree Project is handmade with love, hope, and joy.  We also use acid-free paper and adhesive. 

The finished project measures approximately 6 inches by 6 inches.  I use a 1.5 inch-thick gallery wrap canvas, so no frame is required!  This piece arrives ready to hang, place on an easel, or lean against a shelf.

Each piece also receives a unique number on the back, sharing the exciting news of where you fall in the journey.  #4?  #876?  #1499?

Available trees can be purchased in our shop.  Are you ready to meet the trees?  Here are just a few!

Melody// Green Tree
Bright.  Happy.  Fresh.  Budding with youthful green leaves, Melody is a springtime tree dancing with life.  Her leaves are all different shades of green and her trunk contains music notes, of course!

Sunshine// Yellow Tree
Warm.  Sunny.  Golden.  Dressed in cheerful yellow leaves, Sunshine is a late summer tree basking in peaceful sunbeams.  Her leaves are all different shades of yellow and a dark wooden trunk complements her happy coloring.

Amber// Orange Tree
Vibrant.  Energetic.  Creative.  Bursting with playful orange leaves, Amber is a friendly fall tree with a unique confidence.  Her leaves are all different shades of orange and her trunk hints at her adventurous side--it's a map!

Blush// Pink Tree
Sweet.  Caring.  Optimistic.  Clothed in soft pink leaves, Blush is a charming, kind, and pretty little thing.  Her leaves are all different shades of pink and a romantic script adorns her trunk.

Scarlet// Red Tree
Passionate.  Bold.  Elegant.  Draped in deep red hues, Scarlett is a fiery fall tree of strength and style.  Her leaves are all different shades of red, bursting forth from a lacy trunk.

Violet// Purple Tree
Dignified.  Wise.  Adventurous.  Dressed in graceful purple leaves, Violet is an independent tree of truth and beauty.  Her leaves are all different shades of purple and a vintage lace design adorns her trunk.

Joy// Multicolored Tree
Fun. Surprising.  Lively.  Bursting with leaves of green, yellow, pink, orange, red, and purple, this tree resembles a colorful rainbow!  This tree matches every room and is sure to bring a smile to your face!

Want to learn more and pick out your own tree?  See you in the shop, The 1500 Tree Project!

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