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Pray Continually! Pray for the financial means to bring our child home, a favorable (and speedy) legal process, and the wisdom to parent our children well.

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Our Adventure! Here is where you can find out where we are in the process, so keep on checking back.  Similar to biological pregnancy, the adoption process can be divided into three "trimesters."
  • 1st Trimester: pre-application to adoption agency, official application, US home study paperwork 
  • 2nd Trimester: waiting, waiting, waiting for a child to be referred to us     
  • 3rd Trimester: accepting a referral, more paperwork, court hearings, and finally travel to Taiwan TO GET OUR CHILD!!! (we are here) 
Now if only this process only took nine months like a biological pregnancy!   We are so excited.  Below is a more detailed breakdown of our journey.
  • 1st Trimester
  • November 2012: Travel to Taiwan.  Complete the adoption of our first son.  Fall in love with our baby and his beautiful country.  Know immediately that we want to adopt again!  Complete the online pre-application with Taiwan Xi En
  • March 17, 2013: St. Patrick's Day.  Receive an e-mail from Taiwan Xi En.  We are one spot away from receiving a formal application and joining the official waiting list--again!
  • early April: A family travels to pick up their son (who we held and loved on when we were in Taiwan).  We are "unofficially" #20!  Just waiting on the e-mail...
  • April to December: Lots of changes going on with Taiwanese adoption law, American adoption law, and Taiwan Xi En.  The orphanage needs to raise a substantial amount of money to become a licensed orphanage under the new regulations.  The money was raised!  Next, we learn that the government only comes to evaluate orphanages at set times...and the next evaluation will not be until late fall 2014.  From that point, it is unclear how long the government will take to grant the new certification.  The good news is that the babies will continue to find forever families (in Canada).  The bad news?  We have been on a waiting list for one year...with no movement coming our way in the foreseeable future...and a lot of uncertainty.  We commit to praying through the holiday season for direction.
  • December 17, 2013: 9 pm. One quiet evening, I e-mail Heartsent for the password to their "Waiting Child" photo listing.  A sweet two-year-old catches my eye.  For the full story, click here and then here!
  • December 19, 2013: We meet with our pediatrician about this toddler's file.  She prepared us for the possibilities ahead and nothing she said changed the fact that...we hoped this would be our son!
  • December 23, 2013: After several days of hustling through paperwork, we receive word that our preliminary file is completely translated and in the orphanage's hands.  Merry Christmas to us, indeed!
  • January 2014: We formally update our home study, get it translated, and send it to Taiwan.  We also answer question...after question...after question for the orphanage.
  • February 22, 2014:  It's official!  We are approved and Noah is our son!
  • 2nd Trimester: n/a
  • 3rd Trimester:
  • late February to mid-March: We prepare our documents for Taiwanese court.
  • March 27: Learn that the Taiwanese contract signatures we had been waiting for are in the mail!
  • March 31: Receive the contracts, sign them, mail all our paperwork back to our agency.  They send it to Secretary of State, for seals, then the Taiwan Consulate, for seals, and then to Taiwan!
  • April 9: First skype date with Noah and his foster family!  45 wonderful minutes.  10pm.  We wake up our first son to meet his brother.
  • April 18: Paperwork arrives in Taiwan.  The orphanage will now complete their Adoption Evaluation Report.  Estimated month or less.
  • May 22: Submitted to court.  So, a little over the one month quote ;-)

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